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Personal Training

*1-2-1 sessions

Cheshire Fitness works offers a private one-on-one personal training service to get you in shape and build a healthier lifestyle. We offer a variety of fitness programs to meet your fitness needs and busy schedules.

*Buddy sessions

Cut the cost of fitness by training with a friend or a family member. Even if you have different aims or fitness levels we can still make sure you are pushed to reach your goals. This is a really effective way to train both financially and socially.

*Group Personal Training

Train in groups of up to 10 people. You will follow an individual tailored programme whilst being supervised and guided by one of our personal trainers. Training with likeminded individuals is proven to help keep you motivated so why not give it a try??

Fitness classes

Monday | HITT Circuits 6.30 – 7.00pm

Tuesday | Body Conditioning 6.45 – 7.30pm

Wednesday | HITT Circuits 6.00 – 6.30pm

Thursday| Boxfit 6.45 – 7.30pm

Saturday | Gym Circuits 8.15 – 9am


Sports specific fitness

Our expert trainers have qualifications in Strength & Conditioning that can be adapted to any Sport. Sessions will focus on the fundamentals of every sport and will heavily work towards improving skill related fitness such as speed, strength, power, agility, reaction times, balance and co-ordination. This will be carried out using specific drills depending on the sport as well as the wide array of equipment on offer in our gym. We have had a number of future sports stars come through our doors aswell so this type of training is not just for adults.

Back Rehab

Back pain will affect most of us in our lifetime, whether it be minor aches to severe pain. At CFW we have trainers with the qualifications, knowhow and most importantly first hand experience of back pain…so you can rest assured you are in the right hands. We believe that exercise is the main priority when it comes to back rehab, we get that pain can get severe but we still insist that although a slow process…exercise is key to reducing back pain. Following an in-depth discussion & postural analysis, we will work on the 3 areas that matter the most…core & leg conditioning, posture and most importantly…flexibility. We have had numerous clients come to us and feel the difference after just a few weeks, check out our testimonials and see for yourself.

Health Related Fitness

Our trainers also specialise in fitness for Health. In order to train somebody with a medical condition, there a laws and regulations to say the relevant qualifications must be held by the PT. Whether you suffer with mental health, cardiovascular, bone or joint diseases or any other mild to moderate medical condition, we can help you. Evidence suggests that a structured fitness plan can have positive effects and improve your quality of life. Our studio offers a private environment with all the kit and knowledge needed to transform your life. 

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