I do both classes and PT sessions with Andy and in just ten weeks I have noticed significant improvements in my weight loss and also in my strength. Each PT session is different – lots of variety and no treadmill! Andy tailors each program to help me achieve my overall goals and is supportive and encouraging. I feel fitter and healthier and would not have achieved my results without his help.

Rachel Hodgson

I’ve struggled in the past to continue to go to group classes at larger gyms as they sometimes felt intimidating and regardless of fitness level there is an expectation to keep up with the rest of the class.

Andy supports everyone with their individual needs so if I was struggling with a certain exercise he would show me an easier way to do it or lower the weights I was using.

This was brilliant as it allowed me to find what my fitness and strength level was and then was shown how to build on it instead of trying to keep up, become disheartened and ultimately giving up.

I’ve been going to Cheshire fitness works for over a year and a half and I found it welcoming from the very beginning. And the Christmas do a bonus. ?


My time training at Cheshire Fitness Works with Andy has literally changed my life in many ways. Andy is able to walk that fine line of giving his clients a tough workout whilst keeping training enjoyable & exciting. As a result, I no longer see exercising as a necessary burden, but as fun and a beneficial past time. I highly recommend Cheshire Fitness Works and love the time I spend there!
Thanks, Andy!!

Kerrie Dolan

I love the group PT sessions, and always feel like my body has been through a good workout! The sessions are different each time so boredom isn’t an option. The groups are friendly and Andy is a great trainer who explains everything clearly and helps me gets the results I want. Thanks x

Helen Richards

“I highly recommend Andy’s classes. They’re great value for money, Andy teaches good technique and they’re a much friendlier and fun experience than attending classes at a mainstream and larger gym. I’ve been going for almost 2 years and each class is still different to the last. Even during COVID lockdowns Andy moved the classes online via Zoom which maintained some kind of normality during uncertain times. Andy’s classes really compliment my running; I’m fitter and stronger and have suffered less injuries as a result, cheers Andy!”

Emma Stephenson

“I have had Andy as my personal trainer for around 5 years now and I could not recommend him enough, he is fantastic, really pays attention to not only your goals but how you like to train, I have quite a competitive side and love to be pushed to my max which Andy quickly picked up on and makes sure that every session I have makes me leave the gym feeling like I could not have done anymore, my strength and fitness has improved so much since I begin training with Andy which has in turn helped my back, he goes out of his way to make everyone feel extremely comfortable and is very professional.”

Ramona Hignett

“Andy has been my PT for around 5 years now and I also regularly attend the classes he runs on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Andy is friendly and approachable (not how I expect most PT’s to be) and will help you work towards your goals without being pushy or overbearing. Andy works really hard to make each session different and interesting. The classes have lots of variety between HIIT, weights, boxing, circuits etc. so there is something for everyone to enjoy whilst getting a good workout. In the PT sessions Andy will focus on including the aspects that you enjoy the most whilst making sure that you are achieving good overall fitness and pushing yourself each session. I can honestly say I used to dread exercising and now I actually look forward to it which is mainly thanks to Andy.”

Georgia Cook


“As a client of Andy at Cheshire Fitness Works I want to assure you and let you know that Andy is absolutely the best personal trainer I have worked with. Whether you are bulking up or slimming down, trying to improve your health or just improve your strength, Andy has the background and commitment to help you succeed. I first started training with Andy in preparation for my upcoming wedding and I rapidly improved my strength, lost weight and gained muscle tone. I had not gotten results like this from any other trainer, I believe this is because Andy not only understands the science of Personal training but also understands the art of motivation. When you feel you can’t keep going Andy is there to make sure that you do. No matter what your fitness goals are, Andy will be more than able to help you get there, from varied sessions, knowledge and commitment I cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Anntonia Dawson

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